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Farming Equipment Improvements Using Graphite. - Article by Bill Bagot CEO Wilmar Graphite Co

Over 40 years ago paintable graphite was introduced into the agricultural industry and was an instant success in Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. The initial usage was in gravity boxes and then expanded to corn pickers, silo loaders and grass cutting. The graphite was not promoted and to this day remains a well kept secret even though the coating has evolved to higher performance. I have been in the graphite business for more years than I would like to say and remained unaware of the paintable graphite until the late 80's. Even so the sales volume was low and did not meet the parameters for aggressive promotion. Now entering my second career I have joined with two other like minded people to promote graphite coatings and powders for the farming community.

The original application was the gravity boxes which were shipped new with graphite coatings from a number of sources. The coating stopped corn kernels from bridging in the boxes and meant that the operators did not have to stop and rock and bang on the box. The corn flowed smoothly and the application was a success. The next stage happened when the coating wore and had to be replaced and there are many stories of the difficulty of climbing into the boxes to recoat. They range from the reluctance of wives to do the coating to operators painting themselves into a corner and finding it difficult to climb the very slippery surface to get out. Our aerosol contains much more graphite than other sprays and allows the recoating to be a lot easier than having to be brushed on. A natural extension was to coat the corn pickers to maintain an easy flow through the stalks and control the sap build up. Then operators expanded to silo feeders, grass cutting and reciprocal brush cutters.

Spring is a major time for planting and it is important to maintain consistent seed flow through the planters with Case planters and others needing a graphite coating on the discs to give an uniform flow. Also graphite powders were added to the seed to ease flow. Today graphite powders are available in 1Lb and 5Lb cans in boxes of 24 and 4 respectively. We are thinking of making them available in single cans and would like feed back on what farmers think about that availability. Our company is Wilmar Graphite Company and we supply Slide Coat graphite coatings and powders and additional information can be found on our web sites: www.Farm.WilmarGraphite.net and www.WilmarGraphite.net.

About the Author - Bill Bagot has worked in the graphite & engineering fields for over 50 years, authored numerous papers and at one time held the position of VP Sales, Marketing Carbon Products at Union Carbide.

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